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Welcome to the Students' Union

You automatically become a member of the Students’ Union when you enrol on your course. For more information on how to become a more active member of the SU, please visit our FAQ page.

Sheppey College Student's Union is here for you! It is your voice on issues that matter to you. From the cost of travel to improving your course, your welfare and studying is our priority - ensuring you have the best experience whilst as College. The Union is student led, for the students by the students, and students are elected every year to represent your voice. We provide a safe space where you can come and ask any questions or voice your opinions.

You can get so many things from the Students' Union, including the new Totum Card which gives students discounts in shops and online. You get the chance to join trips to places such Bruges, West End Musicals, Thorpe Park, Festivals, Sports events and Concerts. You can always have your say on what trip you want to see run. Other services such as advice and guidance are available from the Students' Union.